Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Edelweiss Restaurant

Finally, after telling ourselves it's time to get some good German food, we made it back to Edelweiss Restaurant. Located on the south-side, just north of County Line, this hidden treasure is worth every pfennig! Honestly, we haven't been there for over 5 years. The last time we went, Fred and Libby were pre-Ozzy and we couldn't remember if it was a kid-friendly environment or not. Luckily, it is!

Tucked back in German Park, a nicely wooded area, this quaint and somewhat kitchy eatery is located in the lower level of the German-American Klub's Haus. The paneled walls, varying steins displayed on floating shelves, Klub members playing cards and yoddeling background music make for a nice departure from the usual hustle and bustle of most dining experiences.

The menu offers a very American children's menu, hot dogs, grilled cheese, etc. for the more picky eaters. Even though Ozzy is definitely in that category, Fred and Libby knew the Pretzel would more than satisfy his carb-appetite...and Woah! What a Pretzel! This was definitely a homemade delight! Taking up the entire plate, it had a healthy portion of kosher salt with both spicy mustard and yellow cheese sauce on the side. This puts any other pretzel we've had to shame...a must have for anyone who visits.

Fred, after watching Anthony Bourdain down a beautiful pork shoulder on No Reservations last night, decided to go for the Schweinebraten with red cabbage and potato pancakes on the side. Not to mention he had a refreshing Weihenstephaner to accompany. The shoulder was fork tender to the extreme! And while it was already pulled from the bone and skin, Fred was sure those would be equally as tasty! Pure pork goodness on a plate. It was accompanied by a wonderful brown gravy that bound the pork to the side of red cabbage as if it were a dish unto itself. The latkes(potato pancakes) came with a very flavorful, almost apple butter, apple sauce. Used to latkes out of a box, this homemade variety was a pleasure to behold. Fred could even withstand the small amount of onion essence.

Libby, a huge schnitzel fan, went with the grilled Jaegerschnitzel with both spaetzle with gravy and German potato salad on the side. Just heaven! The grilled schnitzel was wonderfully tender with a very flavorful char and a hearty mushroom gravy. The spaetzle were chunkier than Libby is used to, but very buttery and tender. The German potato salad was perfect! Just the right amount of tang and so warm and yummy. Libby was more than happy with her entire meal!

Ozzy said nothing, but silently chewed the pretzel as we dined. Recovering from a nasty cold, Fred and Libby were just glad to see him eating with such enthusiasm!

As we were leaving, we did get a peek at the wurst platter, and we have to say we're sorry we didn't have room for it...looked completely de-lish!


Wrap Up
Price-$$, Very reasonable. The entire dinner feast, including the pretzel and the beer was around $35 before tip...not too shabby!
Atmosphere-****, Perhaps a bit on the tacky German trinkets side, but very relaxing and somehow homey...not to mention the no smoking law has definitely improved the whole experience.
Service-****, Very attentive waitress and the food was out lightening fast!
Fred - A, Nestled a good quarter mile off the beaten path, it's easy to forget even when you know it's there. A truly "secret" treasure on the south-side!
Libby - A, I don't know what took us so long to go back! Such a great meal...if only I could've had a big brew myself!
Ozzy -A, Pretzel was "pretty good" and when asked how he felt.."Great!"

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Anonymous said...

Oooh...I have always wondered about this place! I may have to try it!

Geigerin said...

Yum. I miss good German Food. I'll join Janet and try it out sometime soon. :)

Fred, Libby and Ozzy Milch. said...

Give it a shot! Just check the hours on the website...they aren't open every day.
Thanks, FLO

ukie said...

save your money. worst food experience ever. sorry but that was my experience