Sunday, March 15, 2009

Granite City Food & Brewery

A new brewpub on the north side, Granite City has definitely brought game. While it is a regional chain, we felt that since there was a brewery involved, it needed to be reviewed. Reminiscent of BJ's on the south side, it has a contemporary clean design that is open, comfortable and family friendly.

But seriously, how about that beer? Fred naturally went with the sampler to see the full line-up. Six brews are available: "The Duke"(an India Pale Ale), Broad Axe Stout, Brother Benedict Bock, Northern Light Lager, and The Two-Pull, a mixture of Northern Light and the Bock. While Fred was unsure about the two-pull, he was pleased that it melded well and seemed to be a taste unto itself. Not simply two beers mixed, but it's own brew. We are not hop-heads, therefore, an India Pale Ale is never going to rank high on our list, but we were pleasantly surprised by both the Bock and the Light. Both would bring us back for more.

As far as menu, there is a nice selection. We had a high pressure waiter, so he was good at encouraging us to get certain items. We did take him up on the suggestion to start with one of their flatbread pizzas as the appetizer. We went with the tomato and basil and it was darned tasty. Light, and refreshing...a good start to the evening.

Fred chose the Mediterranean Chicken. A perfectly cooked breast fillet, in a balsamic glaze, a basil/tomato salsa and some of the most flavorful long grain and wild rice this side of mama's house! Needless to say, Fred was happy.

Libby was in the mood for a samich, so the Cuban was a must...and wow, Libby wins! It was one of the best cubans in memory. A delicious soft ciabatta bread, tender and juicy pork and of course mustard and pickle. The fries on the side were pretty good, but they really shined with the Granite Sauce(a sour cream, horseradish concoction)...we dipped everything in it...including Fred's chicken!

Ozzy was running on fumes, so we decided to go with a pasta. We had ordered it with red sauce, but they brought it out with butter and parmesan and he loved it! Ate the whole bowl without complaint or comment other than emphatic nods when asked if he liked it.

Another BJ's parallel was dessert. A giant, warm, gooey cookie topped with ice cream! A delicious, huge treat, but honestly, we like BJ's better. They have more flavors and it's more gooey there...but hey, it's a gooey cookie...not complaining!

The best surprise at the end was the bill. Well worth the money.

Wrap Up
Price-$$-$$$, With the bounty we ordered, an appetizer, a beer sampler, an English pint, three entrees, and dessert...we were elated to have a total under $60 before tip! Aces!
Atmosphere-****, Comfortable, open, loud. Good for all and a great view of the brew house in the bar.
Service-***, Attentive, knowledgeable and good salespeople!

Fred - A-, Did I mention the rice? While the chicken was perfect, I could have done with a little more balsalmic glaze. Yum.
Libby - A, Kick-ass Cuban, great fries and sauce. The sauce is extra and you must get it. Have to go back for brunch!
Ozzy -A, Gobbled up the buttered pasta with parmesan and as much of the cookie as he could before sinking into the coma we had been waiting for! :)

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Anonymous said...

Man, you guys just love every restaurant you go to, dont you?

Fred, Libby and Ozzy Milch. said...

No, actually, we don't love every restaurant. Our intent is to not have a bad experience. Either we hear things through the grapevine, read other sites, or take suggestions. We did not like Bazbeaux or that cajun place that closed. We are trying to enjoy ourselves. If you have tried Granite City and had a different experience, we would love to hear about it! Thanks for your comment.

Anonymous said...

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