Sunday, March 22, 2009

Siam Square

We seldom venture up to Fountain Square, but found ourselves along with 9 acquaintances enjoying an evening together at Siam Square. Unlike most Thai restaurants, we immediately noticed Siam Square is heavy on the ambiance, even a little overtly trendy. This seemed to be a place that catered more to the adult crowd, rather than families. Not to say that Ozzy wasn't welcome. He and another pre-school companion were quite rowdy and thanks to the louder atmosphere, did not seem to disturb anyone.

The menu is the typical rundown of basic stir-frys, noodles, and curries. There were a few "safer" options to cater to the less adventurous(i.e. a sweet & sour chinese variation), which you could oddly request hot like any of the other Thai dishes. There was one children's option of chicken strips with fries. Guess who got that? It went down well and he was happy.

Fred began his Thai adventure with the thom yum, accidently ordered hot and weeping through most of the bowl. Libby had one spoonful and had her fill. It was very tasty, but it was easy to see how quickly that heat would build. To follow, Fred had the Pad Ped with tofu(all entrees could be ordered with chicken, pork, beef or tofu). Quite tasty, and although ordered equally as hot as the soup, was thankfully, not in the same league of pain.

Libby, as with any first time at a new Thai place, decided to go with the Pad Thai, hot. Sadly, not that hot in either spice or flavor depth. Not that it was bad, just nothing outstanding. It seemed more a noodle carb-bomb with little veggie or even peanut. Given the other outstanding pad thai's around town, it fell flat, but might be a good choice for the first time Thai taster.

We were very pleasantly surprised with the beer selection. Fred had the privilege of enjoying a Barley Island Stout and a Flying Dog Gonzo Porter...not a selection we are used to seeing in any asian establishment. The iced green and ginger teas were also quite nice. No milk for the little ones.

Wrap Up
Price-$$-$$$, About what you would expect for Thai, nothing out of the ordinary high or low.
Atmosphere-****, Very pleasant and certainly a step above...more posh than take out. Loud yet private.
Service-***, Handled an unexpected 12 top fairly well.

Fred - C+, Perhaps lower than it should be on it's own merit, but given the incredible thai competition in town, I put 3 or 4 others ahead of it.
Libby - C+, My favorite Thai is Sawasdee followed by Thai Spice. Both seem a little more complex and have a larger range of heat and dish variety. Not that I wouldn't go back, but it didn't make the top of my list.
Ozzy -B+, "pretty good" He definitely enjoyed the fries and had a bit of chicken. For him, the best was being able to be himself without upsetting the neighbors.

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