Monday, March 23, 2009

Hoghead's BBQ

After enjoying a fabulous walk on the Monon, FLO feasted their eyes on the excellent location of Hoghead's BBQ! Just off the beaten path, and with the weather holding up nicely, we decided to go with the outdoor seating. Ozzy was stoked to be able to park his wagon to the side and strike up a conversation with a lovely young lady sitting close by. Our server arrived with an almost post-dooby aire and was most pleasant, albeit a little loopy.

The Brisket Queso and Bull Chips(homemade potato chips) immediately caught our attention! All the great barbecue guests were in attendance...a brisket, pulled pork or chicken, baby backs, smoked sausage and of course, the sides. Libby decided on the half rack of baby backs with baked apples and corn casserole. Fred went with the 2 meat sampler and chose the brisket, pulled pork and cole slaw and baked beans on the side. Ozzy volunteered gleefully to try the mac 'n cheese.

First off, the Brisket Queso and Bull Chips were flippin' awesome! The chips were the perfect thickness, fried just right and what flavor! And could the Brisket Queso dip not be good?...don't think so...this appy was the show stealer, fo sho.

Fred found the brisket tender and the pulled pork standard. Neither were outstanding, but both were a great vessel to douse in sauce! The house spicy mustard bbq sauce was awesome and he proceeded to put it on everything. A true condiment man by heart. The beans were zesty with a fair amount of pork thrown in for good measure. The slaw demanded to be put on a pulled pork sandwich. Therefore, he decided to make his own with the provided texas toast...muuuuch better!

Libby definitely enjoyed the baby backs. They had a nice char and were still juicy and tender. She also preferred the spicy mustard sauce, but the original was also nice. There was also a house hot bbq, but it came off too sweet in the front and ended with a nice heat. The corn casserole was more dense that Libby usually makes...seems like it was made with a coarser corn meal, but wasn't bad. The apples were great and played very well with the bbq.

Ozzy gobbled down the mac 'n cheese quickly then made his way to the young lady so they could chase each other around the front porch and side ramp...this was not a problem and served to be great fun for the two of them.

Wrap Up
Price-$-$$, Good price for good grub.
Atmosphere-****, Very relaxing and laid back...just what you would expect from a bbq joint. Be aware there is smoking outside, so if you have issues you may want to sit inside.
Service-***, Major entertainment. Although most likely stoned, she served our food quickly...the check took a bit, but all was forgiven.

Fred -B, The homemade chips and dip are worth a stop unto themselves. And the BBQ is no slouch either.
Libby -B+, Darned good. Probably not the best bbq of my life, but a very enjoyable meal and I just can't get over that brisket queso dip and bullchips!
Ozzy -A, Mac 'n cheese, a pretty little lady, and space to run...what more could the boy want?

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Rebecca said...

Thanks for the review! I've seen this place often on the way to the Broad Ripple Brew Pub but always forget about it when I get a craving for bbq.

Anonymous said...

I've been there before and I agree that it's pretty good. The brisket queso rocks.

hoghead said...

Thanks for the kind words for our restaurant. I can assure you my server wasn't stoned, she is just naturally ditzy. Sad news for you though, my lease is up at the end of May and we will be closing as of the 21st of May. So if you want more of that queso, you got thru Thursday to have some. Just thought I would thank you and give you a heads up all at the same time.