Monday, February 23, 2009

Edward's Drive-In

Shake, rattle & roll! Last week, we had the pleasure of enjoying one of the few "drive-in's" left in the city. Edward's. Located in the armpit of the Beech Grove area for the past 51 years, it is sure worth the trip to taste a classic coney dog and those much loved onion rings! Once an actual drive-in, this renovated version has inside seating with eclectic neon artwork, an actual old juke box and a number-calling based service system. The front counter is where the magic begins...fries? chili dog? rootbeer float? diet rootbeer float? Choices...choices.

Fred and Libby decided on a coney dog each, fries, onion rings, fried mushrooms, and diet and regular rootbeer floats. Ozzy didn't get his own order as we were sure he'd have enough to sample from us, BUT kids meals do come with the cutest pink cadillac serving basket! Had we known ahead of time, he would have had one too!

The coney dog was just what you expect. Slightly sweet, nice and cheesey and went down way too easy. The fries were also the classic crinkle with the perfect crisp...and for the onion! A true specialty...and this is from onion haters! The mushrooms weren't bad, just needed a nice dipping sauce. The diet rootbeer float tended to ice over, but the ice cream and soda were just plain delicious. Ozzy agreed, as that was pretty much the only thing he had!

Others in our party went with the burgers, tenderloins, chili, and slaw. Comments about the burger were more on the meh side, but the tenderloin was definitely a hit.

And did we mention the price? Very reasonable. The Flo's entire feast came to $16. And don't forget about the free jukebox entertainment. Ozzy, who was shakin' his shimy with two other pre-schoolers had to be dragged kicking and screaming from the venue. Too much of a good thing?

Wrap Up
Price-$, Cheap eats! Micky-D's ain't got a leg to stand on. Except maybe location.
Atmosphere-****, Eclectic diner feel. Plenty of seating, family friendly.
Service-****, There's nothing better than watching 30-somethings bouncing on the edge of their chairs waiting for their number to be called.
Fred - A-, A few more trips and a few more fried delicacies might turn this one into a solid A. While the coney was calling my name, I should have settled on just a bite of Libby's.
Libby - B+, Very happy with the food and definitely want to return, but why do they have to be across from a scary cement fortress?
Ozzy -A, Great place to meet chicks!

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Anonymous said...

Just recently found your blog. I love this! I live in Indy too and have a 15 month I appreciate both the adult and kid perspectives. :)

Meaghan said...

Good Afternoon! I just stumbled upon your blog at the perfect time--I'm trying to find somewhere different (I too HATE chains) to try for my boyfriend & my 4th anniversary dinner. You all have sure given me a lot to consider :)

Fred, Libby and Ozzy Milch. said...

We hope you're enjoying reading it as much as we love writing it! If anyone has a suggestion for a place to try, please let us know!

Megan Edwards said...

I just ran across this randomly. I am Megan Edwards the daughter and grand daughter of the owners. I grew up at the place. I really loved reading this. Its nice to see someone enjoying the same tradition and atmosphere that my family is built on. I am going to school in Florida right now and reading this really makes me miss home, the restaurant, and the family.