Monday, May 26, 2008

MacNivens Scottish Pub

Celebrating our anniversary, we decided to try a place we couldn't take Ozzy. Since we seem to have noticed a preference of suds-soaked eats, a new pub sounded perfect. Located on Mass. Ave in the heart of Indianapolis, this dark, yet airy downtown hotspot offers "authentic" Scottish food along with an extensive and exotic beer selection.

Since this is a food blog, we decided to order the more obviously Scottish fare. After ordering a tasty beer each, we started with the Scotch Eggs. In a word..... Fried. Lets just take the relatively boiled healthy egg, cover it in a spicy, fatty sausage, coat it in breadcrumbs and deep-fry it. Our hearts quivered in fear. But when dipped in the equally heart-healthy mayo based sauce, we hate to say it was quite tasty.

Libby decided to go with the haggis. Yeah. You heard it right, haggis. The traditional hodge-podge of organ meats and barely, served with mashed potatoes and mashed nips (turnips). To be perfectly honest, it wasn't half bad. She expected to verp, but found herself satiated quite quickly with it's heartiness. This, of course, must be a very americanized version as it was not served in a sheep's stomach (thankfully).

Fred, somehow not satiated with the sausage in the Scotch Eggs, went with more of the same. More sausage, but this time encased in dough, baked and served with beans and steak fries. Talk about belly bomb overload. Not a fan of traditional English food, this was not a palate pleaser. Full bellies with little flavor.

Other items on the menu included the usual bar sandwiches and salads. Upon our next visit (for the beer!), Fred intends to try the only other Scottish/English offering, a chicken curry.

Price-$$ - $$$
Atmosphere-***, Wood as far as the eye can see. Adds a touch of nostalgia for our old college days in Bloomington
Service-**, The staff were accommodating and knowledgeable.
Fred - C+, Great beer, nice atmosphere. But maybe just have a drink next time.
Libby - B-, Satisfactory, and saved by it's beer selection.
Ozzy -N/A
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Anonymous said...

Have been to Scotland we found this to be very good place

Anonymous said...

We have a secret: the Scotch Eggs are mostly baked!

Anonymous said...

It's the best beer selection in Indy
and always changing! I love the ahi tuna
salad there and indulge in the fish and
chips occassionally. Great locally owned
place~support local biz, FLO.