Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Bay Window Restaurant

Another Greenwood strip mall jewel in the rough would be The Bay Window. A quaint tea room with daily specials and a peaceful setting that is not only a family-friendly establishment, but host to many larger gatherings.

The FLO has been going for years and is always eager to hear of the daily homemade quiche choices and soups du jour. If you are looking for a unique breakfast experience, be sure to indulge in the French toast that has been so lovingly marinating in an orange glaze overnight…yeeeeum. Ozzy highly recommends this dessert-like delight. If the quiche is more your speed, be sure to include the cheesy casserole(their answer to hash browns.) Although, invariably it always seems to arrive luke warm.

One particular fun menu item is the “Thanksgiving” entree available everyday. How about some turkey with dressing, mashed potatoes and gravy to hold you off until the holidays roll back around? Not too shabby.

And then, of course, there are the teas. A basket of the pre-packaged variety come to your table…sadly, there are no homemade blends. Although, it would an awesome addition if they did, the FLO has been happy to enjoy the delicious quiches, quiet atmosphere and appropriate portions. We have never left feeling overfull. The amounts are just right and seem to satisfy the entire pallet.

Price-$, very reasonable.
Atmosphere-**, Quiet, no frills, just a few antiques, some tea decorations and that lovely strip mall local.
Service-**, Relaxed and the food is luke warm on many occasions. Waitstaff usually seem inexperienced. Only open for breakfast and lunch.
Fred - B-, Great breakfast spot for those long Sunday mornings. Bring a paper and chill.
Libby - B-, A dependable place to get some well cooked home style meals in a snobbish presentation. The lack of homemade teas for a very tea-room like establishment eludes me. Very relaxing.
Ozzy -A-, seems to enjoy the several baked goods he has tried. They tolerate his mood swings and always serve with a smile.
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