Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Shapiro's Deli

Are you ready for a serious reuben???
Well, bring your appetite for some Delicatessen! Shapiro's is the next destination!

I'm sure most of you have heard of the Indy based Jewish Deli established in 1905, famous for their meaty sandwiches on in-house bakery fresh bread. This is not the destination for the weak of appetite. When you enter the cafeteria style line-up, you are hit with about 30-50 different desserts, from lemon meringue pie to layered chocolate cake! Who says save the best for last?!

Then you have generous salads and cold sides, followed by the hot stuff...stuffed peppers, spaghetti, to die for mac-n-cheese, matzo ball soup and of course, made to order sandwiches. Be sure to not let your eyes be bigger than your stomach. Everything in this line is in the "Hungry Man" size.

This once grocery is now in it's 4th generation of leadership. There is a great website at to give you the entire history of this sensational Indy treasure. Come one and all and lets khap a nash!!!

Price-$$-$$$, a little too pricey for deli food. Careful how much you put on your tray.
Atmosphere-**, Typical cafeteria feel. Normal to be a long line, but well worth the short wait.
Service-**, Self-service. Grab a tray, fill it up, pay at the register and seat yourself! Easy and they clean up tables after you go.
Fred - B, Too expensive, but what is the true value of the best reuben on the planet?! and dammit my Jewish Mother isn't in town to make matzo ball soup!
Libby - B+, Can I just say I had no idea New York had the genius to make a reuben with slaw?! Love it and must be accompanied by the mac 'n cheese...and a huge piece of any cake...I'm not picky!
Ozzy -B+, Shocking, we know, but Ozzy digs the mac 'n cheese...any dessert will do and he feels free to roam around on the floor under the table without the awkward stares of onlookers...did we mention he's 3?
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