Saturday, June 7, 2008

Acapulco Joes

Ahh, Joe's.

What's not to love about the 70's decor, the salsa in a squeeze bottle or the ultra americanized versions of Mexican classics? This downtown tradition has been filling people to the brink for 30 years.

While more of a lunch place, we decided to head down for a quick dinner before sending Libby off to work. Haute cuisine it's not, but FLO digs a good dive. Libby, being a nightshift worker, has been a big fan of the breakfast burrito and margarita for many a year. If only they served breakfast all day!

If you've never had the pleasure, Joe's homemade chips are the best around. They are basically half a tortilla that has been fried on site. The so good salsa it's like ketchup for mexican is available tableside with a oil/vinegar dressing. Being as we've been going for so long, we have our favorites. For Fred, the three crisp taco lunch is a cheap ultra-satisfying waistline expander. For Libby, if it's lunchtime, mis tres amigos, taking beef three ways with excellent sauces.

The margarita specials are a daily occurrence...although Sunday morning I was rudely awakened to the blue laws invasion, no margaritas before 11!!! Obviously, the Indiana Senate doesn't work nights.

Price-$ Can't beat the price.
Atmosphere-**, Only because of the nostalgia factor. The old panelling must go! They have replaced part of it, and the new portion looks great!
Fred - B, What is it about the ketchup-based salsa that's actually really good?!?.
Libby - B, It's the first thing I want after a hard night's work.
Ozzy -B+, Chips for dinner?!? Grilled cheese got trumped, but looked good.
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