Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Shallo's Antique Restaurant and Brewhouse

Not to be redundant, but yes, this is yet another brewpub establishment on the southside that offers a wide variety of bottled and draft suds as well as a commendable menu. When it comes to personality, this unique and old-world pub is nestled in...a strip mall!?

To our surprise, the interior takes you back, from their dark woods with tin ceilings to the many antiques that have been collected over the years. And what a bar(!) with it's open view to the upper balcony. Be ready to sample some of their homemade chips followed by a ridiculously creamy twice baked potato that reminds one more of a potato soup or cheesy dip. There are also the more familiar burgers, sandwiches and steaks to choose from. "Swamp" is the spice language here and you can enjoy chicken and burger choices.

It is your basic pub grub, but really, the food is secondary to the ambiance and beer selection. Shallo's calls itself a beer museum and it is easy to see why between the collections of beer taps and beer bottles to the many Indiana antiques located around the venue. Be sure to ignore the beer menu, as most of it is wrong, but you will always be amazed by what they have to offer. And even beer snobs like Fred and Libby can find something they haven't tried before...and that's saying something.

Ozzy naturally approves of the homemade chips, but little else. The mac 'n cheese was a big thumbs down for the boy. For him, it really is about the atmosphere. He loves to check out the various hanging objects and gaze down at the bar from above...Ahhh, a boy after his parents' hearts!

So, be sure to give this southside icon a go...and if you try a Tuesday, be ready for some live tunes!



Price-$-$$, depending on your beer of choice as some run up to $18 (but are ALL worth it!)

Atmosphere-****, dark & rich. Something unique, especially when found in a south-side strip mall

Service-***, Feel free to ask the wait staff for beer recommendations!
Fred - B, Beer selection is unmatched, but unless you're willing to check your cholesterol level at the door, it's hard to find a "healthy" choice.
Libby - B+, For beer selection and atmosphere. But more like a B- in the grub dept.
Ozzy -C+, At least he enjoys the view.

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