Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Brickhouse Burger Company

Location, location, location ...You definitely can see this place going south on 465 at the Kentucky Ave. exit, but it isn't quite clear how to get there.  Fred had noticed this Damon's takeover more than a couple of times on the way home.  Recently, FLO was able to make an appearance.

After a round about way, we were glad to arrive and see that the place was busy on a monday evening.  Inside, we were immediately seated in a comfortable booth and had the pleasure of 4 large screens to choose from.  We were excited to see a speaker box on the table, but to our disappointment it was out of order.  We later found out from our waitress that a server had cut the wires during carpet replacement and it was decided not to fix it...bad move.

The menu promised several appetizer classics, ribs, steaks, seafood, salads, sandwiches, wraps and some very exciting burgers...and that was what we were there for.  Libby knew right away it would either be one of their stuffed burgers or the Rockefeller Spinach burger.  Since Fred had his eye on either the Italian Stallion or the Three Cheese, Libby went with the latter.  Not to be horribly redundant, but Ozzy had "the usual."

With Stella in tow, we were glad to be in a family friendly environment.  On her best behavior, she seemed happy to look at the moving pictures or check out the activity outside the kitchen.  The layout was very open and much larger than it appeared from outside...definitely an awesome place to watch a game or hang out with a group of friends.  So, in essence, a venue for the masses.

After ordering a delightful Fat Tire draft, Fred had finally decided on the Three Cheese stuffed burger, as the pizza sauce on the Italian Stallion left him a bit skeptical.  To change it up, he asked for it to be served on their pretzel bun but left on the standard house fries.  Brickhouse certainly did not disappoint.  The three cheeses oozed out of every bite and just to put it over the edge, they added a layer on top of the burger as well.  Yowza, that's an artery clogging, gotta be good the rest of the week kind of burger.  The pretzel roll really held up to the juice rushing out of it and added a bit of bite to the whole ordeal.  A real home run.  The fries, while certainly prefab, were well fried.  Not overdone, but had a great crunch to them.

Libby's Rockefellar looked spectacular (as pictured above)!  Ordered with the sweet potato fries, it was a wonderful balance of salt and sweet.  There was a layer of cheddarjack cheese, spinach artichoke dip and crumbled bacon on top.  Perfectly cooked and juicy...the only thing missing was more bacon and spinach.  Not to downplay a good burger, but the size of the burger begged for more topping.  Very well done all in all.  And those fries were very tasty.  As you would add to any sweet potato, they had sweet/cinnamony spices and the more fried bits were a bit caramelized.  Sweet and crunchy. Yum.

Ozzy completed the meal and actually gave an enthusiastic "Pretty good!" 

Wrap Up

Price- $-$$$, If you came to watch the game, you could get 2 big beers and a great burger for under $20. A steal.
Atmosphere- ***, Clean, good layout and noise level.  Stadium seating so that everyone can watch the game's on the projection TVs.  But they've GOT to fix those speaker boxes!!
Service- ***, Personable, laid back wait staff.


Fred - A-, One delicious burger and I could certainly enjoy a game there.  I need to try their brioche bun next!  For the money, the great food and the TV's, these guys have it going on.
Libby - B+, Was it the best burger in Indy, no.  Boogie Burger and Ted's are my favs, but if you are looking for a family friendly sports bar atmosphere, this is the place to go.  The burger rocked and I will be back for another.
Ozzy- A+, he loved his meal, finishing the entire thing.  And as a typical 5 year old, he could make an ass of himself and no one heard or cared.  Unlike BW3's, where all the good TVs are in the bar area, these guys have family seating in front of the massive screens!  Yeah Rah!

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Patrick said...

I'll admit I didn't have a burger, so this may not be accurate, but I had one of the worst ribeyes I have ever tasted at Brickhouse last week. I ordered it medium, and it came to the table with literal pools of blood on top of the steak. I sent it back, and it came back satisfactorily medium, but this steak had no flavor, no seasoning, nothing. Maybe that's just what you get when you order a steak from a burger joint, but I left very disappointed and almost $30 poorer.

Melissa said...

We used our Groupon here last night, and were not disappointed. DH had the stuffed three cheese concoction and I had the Fire House, with pepperjack cheese, bacon, jalapenos and chipotle mayo. Both were excellent. Biggest problem (aside from the non-functioning speaker box) was that we were too stuffed for one of their delicious-sounding desserts.