Sunday, December 6, 2009

Ram Restaurant & Brewery

Ah, the age old the beer glass half full or half empty?  Just send another one, quick!  To your left would be the Ram's seasonal Winter Wit beer...delish.  Unfiltered wheat that leaves your glass dirty inside...hmmm.  Fred and Libby liked it so much, we took a keg for the road!  The kegerator was pleased.

FLO decided to check out Ram after a long stint away.  For Libby, it had been close to 4 years since last there and she remembered not really liking the beer or the food so much.  Well, things have changed!

To start, Fred ordered the beer sampler and wow, not a bad brew selection.  Winter Wit was the winner here, with the Butt Face Amber a close second.

Arriving during the late lunch hour on the weekend, it was not very busy and we were bemused by the number of things we wanted to try.  To make things worse, the regular menu was supplemented with their seasonal menu.  Choices. Choices.

After much deliberation, she went with the Turkey Reuben and homemade chips.  Fred decided to go for the Red Hot Turkey Burger and sweet potato fries.  Both selections from the seasonal menu.  One cool thing about Ram is the large array of fried sides for burgers and sandwiches...sweet potato fries, homemade chips, regular fries, waffle fries, and onion rings.  Ozzy shockingly decided to try their rendition of *sigh* mac 'n cheese.  yay.  rah.

The reuben was really tasty.  Libby had to remove a little kraut as Stella would make her pay for it later, but the yummy havarti was a great twist.  And the homemade chips were just right...super crispy and the whole thing paired perfectly with that wonderful brew.

Fred's turkey burger was equally successful. Slathered in Frank's Red Hot sauce, it was dripping-down-your-hand good. While the flavor of the turkey itself was masked by the spicing and sauce, it all melded so well that you wouldn't necessarily recognize whatever meat they had used.  Usually not a fan of homemade chips, Fred went with the sweet potato fries.  Although seemingly unseasoned, they were tasty and crispy.  The slight sweetness from the sweet potato came through well and really offset the tangy, hot burger.

Ozzy finished his mac' n cheese with nary a word.  It was the penne pasta variety and the sauce didn't do much for either Fred or Libby, but it's Ozzy's dish to critique anyway. ;)

Wrap Up
Price- $$, It's downtown lunch prices...not cheap, but worth the price.
Atmosphere-***, comfortable booths, but overall you can tell it's a chain.
Service-**, Bad service.  It was not busy, but you would think our waitress was covering Sunday lunch rush before a Colts game.  She was slow and forgetful when present.  Ozzy did get a balloon though, when he noticed one hovering above another table. 


Fred - B+, While the food was a little pricey for lunch, the excellent and inexpensive beer more than made up for it....and did I mention we got a to-go keg tableside???
Libby -B+, Even though the waitress was aloof for the most part, the food and the beer stood aloneI even later went with a girlfriend of mine and had another impressive meal and better service.  My impression has done a 180 from several years ago. 
Ozzy- A, Mac 'n cheese gone and noise level was no issue with the not-so-quiet atmosphere. 

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