Saturday, October 17, 2009

Chatham Taps

After a month-long break due to the birth of our newest reviewer, Estelle or "Stella", Fred & Libby were able to have a "grown-ups only" date for Libby's birthday.  (Thanks, Grammy!)  We decided on a place we would rarely get the opportunity to visit, a British inspired gastropub on Mass Ave. called Chatham Taps. 

This is no bud-light-guzzling, nachos and wings place.  The patrons seemed to be primarily regulars as they chatted with the waitstaff on a personal basis. There were even a couple sporting supportive chatham taps t-shirts.  The menu was very leaf thai wraps, fried pickles, taponade, a variety of salads and sandwiches...and let's not forget to mention homemade potato chips!

We were delighted to see there was not a single domestic macro-brew on tap.  No Bud.  No Miller Lite.  If you want to drink crap, you have to do it out of a bottle.  And shocked as we were, we still saw someone partaking.  Will they never learn?!  Oh well.

We decided to try a couple of pints from Indy's newest microbrewery, Sun King.  Libby tried the Octoberfest while Fred opted for the Saison.  Both of us agreed that they were clean and crisp, but not as complex on the finish as we would hope.  The Octoberfest didn't have the spiciness Libby looks forward to and was a tad too bitter for her palate.  Fred's Saison was nice and tart but he couldn't help thinking how it needed the addition of... something?  He considered asking the waitress for lemon, or maybe an orange, but eventually decided against both.

For our starter, Libby chose the Montauks -- Bread baked with smoked gouda and fresh basil topped with either rasher bacon & pan-seared tomatoes or sauteed mushrooms all served atop a devilishly delicous mayo based pool of sauce (or was it an aioli?).  Holy cow.  We might have been happy paying twice the $7.50 pricetag.  Or perhaps we should just get 3 orders and call it a meal?!?!

For the main course, Libby chose that old English stand-by, Fish and Chips.  The fish, although of good quality, was too heavily battered for her taste.  This in turn made the outside deliciously crunchy, but the inside too mushy which detracted from the flavor of the fish.  The fries, on the other hand, were of the seasoned variety that were very comparable to a Rally's type of fry.  The dish would have been completely satisfying if it weren't for the gooey
non-fried batter issue.

Fred immediately chose the gorgonzola, pear and rasher bacon melt.  Wow.  If you're a gorgonzola lover, this one's for you!  Hot and gooshy.  And then you add the bacon and it just goes over the top!  Served on ciabata bread this was a sure-fire Fred pleaser.  It came with Chatham's wonderful homemade chips which were well done, nice and crispy.  They were pretty thick for a chip and not at all oily.  A perfect plate of upscale pub grub.

For desert, Libby gave the tiramisu a try.  Oddly enough, she believes it to be one of the best she's ever tasted.  It was light with perfect coffee undertones and a delicate creamy texture.  A true pleasure and perfect after the nice fried platter.  We are unsure if it was made onsite, but our compliments to the pastry chef.

Fred, per his norm, decided to drink his dessert.  And boy is he glad he did!  How had a beer snob such as himself missed trying Wychwood's Hobgoblin Ale before?  Unlike any other beer FLO has tasted, it was incredibly complex and a reason alone to return to this outstanding pub. And yes, it was on tap!  Incredible.

Wrap Up
Price- $$, Great value for such upscale food.

Atmosphere-****, It screams English pub.  Even the clientelle seemed to fit the mold.
Service-***, No complaints here.  Fast and personable.


Fred -A+, I want to live upstairs and have my own personal bar stool. 
Libby -A, Love this place!  In another life, we would be living in Real Silk and regulars.  But for now, it will remain a grown-up treat from time to time.

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Anonymous said...

Love reading your blog. We have very similar tastes in restaurants. We also love Chatham Tap - it's one of our faves. (I have to admit though, the mention of "tamponade" doesn't sound very appetizing. But, it did make me giggle.)
Everything we've ever ordered at Chatham has been excellent....not to mention the great beer and tap list.

Fred, Libby and Ozzy said...

LMAO!!! So sorry for the poor editing...can you tell Libby wrote that? ;)