Saturday, October 24, 2009

Lincoln Square Pancake House

After a viewer's suggestion, we decided to try Lincoln Square Pancake House.  It was a Sunday morning, bright sun, and a packed house.  We were seated almost immediately by a very courteous and eager host!  After settling in our booth, another enthusiastic staff member, our waitress, brought our water and got the coffee goin'.  One look at the menu, and Libby began to question if this might possibly be another Grecian family-run diner...the presence of the Greek Omelet and attention by a noticeably older gentleman helping staff made sense.  This place only opened up within the past year or so.  Most men over 60 aren't opening and working in new establishments, but instead, planning or practicing retirement.  Yes, this place smelled of hard work and determination.

After reading a posted newspaper article, Libby's suspicion was correct...owner, George Katris immigrated from Greece in his teens to Canada, eventually became a US citizen and started the Indiana based chain in the late 80's.  There are 13 locations, with one in Ohio.

As newcomer's, there were a couple of breakfast musts...for Fred, a benedict of sorts, for Libby, something to sample the house sausage gravy, and for Ozzy, the breakfast carb of champions, flapjacks.  Fred went with a little twist to the classic benedict, the Florentine...spinach and bacon instead of canadian bacon.  Libby went with the Country Benedict or basically, biscuits and gravy with poached eggs piled on for good measure.  Both entrees came with the "American Fries" aka house hashbrowns.  For Ozzy, the kids pancakes with bacon.

Our waitress was a coffee pusher, as with most good breakfast places...and we are happy to say, this brew was decent for a basic house coffee...fresh, medium-strength with a mellow flavor.  Fred and Libby typically like the french-press, knock you on your arse variety, but found this quite satisfying.

The food arrived quickly.  Fred tried his dish first thing, as he is very particular about the level of acid, or lemony-ness in any hollandaise.  Not impressed.  Too bland and no noticeable lemon flavor.  Having said that, the buttery-ness was there and at least, it was an actual hollandaise and not a cheese sauce as so many breakfast placed think of as hollandaise.  He loved the spinach and found the American Fries to be the highlight of the meal.

Libby, always excited for a tasty gravy, was also nonplussed.  This was the overly floury variety with little seasoning and flavor.  Nothing special.  The biscuit was fine and the eggs were perfectly poached.  The American Fries were very good. 

Ozzy, on the other hand, was quite impressed with his pancakes!  Libby and Fred had to sample and agreed...there is something special in that batter...vanilla? spices?  Regardless, the flapjacks are the way to go...wonder how the blintzes/crepes weigh up? 

Although, not the sweeping successful impression we were hoping for, this establishment showed promise with it's sweeter variety of breakfast.  There is also a bakery counter at the much possibility!

Wrap Up
Price- $, Cheap Eats!
Atmosphere-**, Clean but cramped, and somewhat odd design.
Service-****, Most accommodating and friendly!


Fred - C+, While not my ideal breakfast place, it would certainly do in a one would walk away unhappy.
Libby -B-, The gravy was a real disappointment, but I feel the sweet carb menu is most likely quite impressive!
Ozzy -A, Ozzy loved his pancakes!

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LINDAC said...

please try the biscuits and gravy at zest on 54th st .they are to die for!!!!!their special french toast looks great too, i just can't pass up the b&G THOUGH

Fred, Libby and Ozzy said...

After our initial dinner review at Zest, we had to return for breakfast at a later time...and you are so right! The biscuits and gravy are some of the best I've had at any restaurant ever! Zest is just good stuff!
-Libby of FLO

Anonymous said...

If you want a great biscuit and gravy, go the the Patriots Table at the corner of Madison Avenue and County Line Road. I have never had gravy this rich, and it was loaded with sausage. Really, really good

Their breaded tenderloin is out of sight. It is huge, thick and meaty.


TKazandra said...

I went there with my family for the first time. The food was good, but the service was the worse I ever had.
Her name was Maggie, or so. I don’t think that was her real name.
She spent most of the time chatting with other tables. When she finally took our order, it took forever for her to bring our food. She did not worry about refills and the one time she came to check on us, she rolled her eyes as she was leaving the table. She had an attitude throughout our whole visit. All she did was talk to other tables and not worry about the service she provided my family and I.
I was a server while in college, but this “person”, either doesn’t know or don’t care about her job.
It only takes one bad apple to ruin the reputation of a restaurant, and she is it. I will never go back, and will make sure no one that I know will either. And also I will post this on all of the pages I’m registered in. The service was just ridiculous.

TKazandra said...
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