Monday, September 7, 2009

Tata Cuban Cafe

Being that Tata has been listed at the top of the urbanspoon Indy restaurant site, FLO had to sample some of this highly regarded cuban cuisine.  The opportunity presented itself during one of our dinner club outings and so we entered the experience with high expectations and much anticipation.

Upon entry, the very small, narrow location was decorated in dark, rich tones and the space was actually used very efficiently.  There was a small look-through to the kitchen and a large flat screen blaring Gloria Esteban music videos. 

Our large group was well accommodated in the seating department and two waitresses handed out menus and started filling water glasses promptly...good start.  The fried plantains appetizer caught our attention immediately...must try.  The appetizer came with a mojo idea what it was, but why not?  Our guess is that the plantains were deep fried.  They came out caramelized, warm, soft, and oh-so delicious.  The mojo sauce on the side provided a sweet tang that really didn't add much, but did not detract either.  We ended up rotating between bites with and without.

Being that the cuban sandwich had been boasted as the best in Indy, Libby had to try it.  Libby loves a good cuban and this one came with more fried plantains!  Fred found a delicious sounding roasted chicken, with yellow rice and fried plantains.  Ozzy did not partake in the menu other than some french fries that he seemed very happy with.

Fred's chicken(pollo asado palenque) was fall-off-the-bone tender, succulent, with an amazing pool of drippings that were easily and happily sopped up by the yellow rice.  The maranade on the chicken added a wonderful savory flavor that really enhanced the bird.  On it's own, the rice had little flavor, but the drippings from the meat made all the necessary difference!  Oh, and the plantains were delicious!  Did we say that already?

Libby's cuban(el guaso), although not the best cuban she has had, was good.  The bread was perfectly pressed and toasty, but sadly, the ham was not of the greatest cut nor amount.  The ham was cut in thicker chunks and did not lend itself to the best sandwich experience.  The mustard, ham, roasted pork, and swiss cheese were ok, but the pickle was off.  Not sure if it was a bread and butter pickle or what, but it detracted from the sandwich. 

Ozzy wanted more fries...oy.

Fred also had the delight of partaking in a mojito.  Tata's is served with a stick of sugar cane, light on the mint, and overall mild and refreshing!  Only deference to a very pregnant Libby stopped him from having a second.

Wrap Up

Price- $-$$, Great value, especially for downtown.

Atmosphere-***, Maybe a little less Gloria?  Down just one notch?
Service-****, Handled a no-reservation 12-top with separate checks.  Nuf said.


Fred -A-, Somehow they made roasted chicken with rice into something truly special.  It's hard to believe this is not their signature dish. 
Libby -B, Although their Cuban may have been more authentic, my American palate prefers the Cheesecake Factory version.  But I cannot say enough about the carmelized, soft and gooey plantains.  I can understand why some might rate it number 1 restaurant in Indianapolis (per Urban Spoon), but for me, nothing beats the Brugge Brasserie.

Ozzy -C+, They were very tollerant and accommodating of children of all ages, but there was no children's menu and our boy is not big on ethnic food.

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Agree they have very good Cuban Sandwiches.