Monday, January 19, 2009


Although the FLO has been dining at Yats for years, we had not attended in some time and thought we should review our own branch in Greenwood that opened about a year ago. As with all of the Yats eateries, it has the same eclectic take on a sit-down soul food place...some booth seating with simple chairs and tables, a counter for ordering take-out or sit down and the fabulous chalk board menu. There is something so inviting about those steamy windows in the cruel winter chill. The daily specials stay fairly consistent with occasional variances, but Yats has the forethought to include their daily menus for each location online.

On this particular occasion, Libby went with the Chili Cheese Etoufee(a staple on any Yats visit) and the B&B(a lovely combination of sweet corn and black beans that likens to a dessert.) Fred went with the Chili Cheese Etoufee and the White Chicken Chili. Ozzy suffices on the accompanying white rice and garlic toast.
Simply put, each dish is well thought out, consistently prepared, and just plain yummy! Over the last several years, we have tried everything and have never been disappointed. Fred has an unnatural love for the Cajun Power, a garlic based hot sauce that adds a real punch to the already smooth, easy flavors of each dish.
And you can't beat the price!
If you are from the Indy area, you already know about Yats. It is an Indy tradition with three locations in Indy proper, the Greenwood locale, one in West Lafayette and a new addition in Chicago! Look out, windy city, get ready to feel the fever!
Wrap Up
Price-$, Cheap, good eats.
Atmosphere-**, If we were reviewing the broadripple or mass ave locations, we'd say a ***, but the all too familiar strip mall locale in Greenwood doesn't have the same kind of personality.
Service-****, There isn't table service, but the staff are always curteous and as fast as any fast food establishment could be.
Fred - A-, I only wish they had something totally new from time to time.
Libby - A, I always know what I want when I go and it's always what I expect!
Ozzy -B+, Rice and buttery garlic toast? Duh.

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Kurt said...

You are great. I love your blog. I am from the southside of Indy. Have you tried La Trattoria in Greenwood? Just curious of your thoughts. We do a large group V-day nights out. Any recommendations are welcomed. You can reach me at Sorry if this is an unwanted comment.

Fred, Libby and Ozzy Milch. said...

Thanks, Kurt!
No, we actually have not tried La Trattoria yet...and we are not even sure why....but it's on our list now! Thanks for the post!

Ex-Socialite said...

Hi Flo! Seems like you are an expert on Indy's restaurant scene. I am trying to help plan my Aunt's 50th Bday party but I live in ATL which makes it difficult. Any suggestions?

So far, my research has given me the Jazz Kitchen because she likes Blues and I thought the Live Music would be a plus for the whole family. Also, found Zydeco's 5 but I think it may be a little far. I appreciate any suggestions you may have! Doesn't HAVE to offer live music, just thought she might like something "blues-y"


Fred, Libby and Ozzy said...

We have not tried the Jazz Kitchen, but have heard nothing but good things. It has been around for forever and is certainly a solid choice for a 50th b-day party with a blues-y vibe. If your aunt is into a more raucous blues experience we would say the Slippery Noodle but we can't really recommend the food and it can get a little rowdy. Let us know how it goes!

Ex-Socialite said...

Fred, Libby & Ozzy- Thank you so much for the suggestion. It looks like a ton of fun. My family being quite the drinking family will probably fit right in! I am going to suggest Jazz Kitchen, Slippery Noodle and hope to find one more place to suggest that may accommodate Grandma as well (who doesn't drink) Thanks again! I'm most grateful for your help!