Thursday, January 8, 2009

Famous Dave's BBQ

While FLO doesn't usually review (or even admit to patronizing) national chain restaurants, we decided to give Famous Dave's a try due to the dearth of good BBQ on the south side. Don't believe us? Our first attempt last month was actually rebuffed by the hordes of other diners. Hour+ waits don't really sit well in the land of Oz.

In order to beat the mad dinner rush, FLO decided to skip lunch on Sunday and gorge on a 4 o'clock "Linner" instead. This allowed for a hunger befitting the feast to come!

After our waiter explained Dave's 5 BBQ sauces, with a mini-serving of fries for tasting, he recommended that we each try a combo meal in order for us to sample a variety of different meats and sides to share around the table. Not a bad idea, sir! While Ozzy would not be dissuaded from the mac 'n cheese, both Fred and Libby took the bait.

Wow. Dave must really like his side-dishes... Each combo comes with 1/2 an ear of corn, the most amazing cornbread muffin FLO has ever tasted and then your choice of another 2 sides!

Fred chose St. Louis ribs and rib-tips for his two meats, along with a horseraddish coleslaw and a spicy mac 'n cheese for his sides. Libby opted for the spicy catfish fingers and beef brisket with Wilbur beans and green beans. Even Ozzy's mac 'n cheese came with a side. Knowing that Ozzy wouldn't mind, we ordered him the Drunkin' Apples as an extra side.

Fred's ribs were excellent. While the meat is not falling off the bone, they were easily the first entree to disappear. The rib tips, while not for everyone due to their high fat & gristle content, were Fred's favorite. And wow did they give you a huge portion of them. Definitely great bang for your buck and a good way to test out all the sauces. His grown-up mac 'n cheese was also a hit with a little corn and jalapeno thrown in.

Libby's catfish was tasty, but although it came with two special dipping sauces to compliment the 5 other sauces already on the table, we never did find the perfect compliment. Her brisket was perhaps the one disappointment on any of the 3 plates. While the flavor was good, it was dry and could use a bit more flavor. . . but still good after a doucing with Dave's Texas Pit sauce.

The beer selection wasn't bad either. Both of us opting for a very refreshing tall 312 Ale.


Wrap Up
-$$-$$$$, Price depends on your taste.
-** 1/2, Why do chains always LOOK like chains?!?
Service-****, Excellent. Even if he was shilling for the more expensive options, we were all ears!
- B+, Good stuff. No real standouts other than the amazing corn bread, but everything was darned tasty.
- B+, Fred's entree was my favorite. The ribs, spicy mac 'n cheese, coleslaw, amazing muffin and Ozzy's drunken apples were all mighty good. Not a bad option when it's your only option.
-B+, He certainly put away a bunch of mac 'n cheese then he stole Libby's muffin!!

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