Thursday, January 29, 2009

Bazbeaux Pizza

Okay, okay, okay, so for all of you big Bazbeaux pizza fans, we finally gave it a try. And the long and the short of it is...we are not converts.

It was a cold Sunday evening and we were in the mood for pizza. The Broad Ripple location worked best for us and we were immediately impressed with the fun, eclectic atmosphere. It seemed to be a welcoming joint for families, college kids, dates, and the like. We saw the garlic bread had been advertised as "award winning" so Ozzy had to sample. Um, a hoagie, toasted with a minuscule amount of garlic butter. Not award winning. Please tell us the periodical that gave it said award.

Fred decided to start with a spinach salad with the creamy basil dressing. That was really something! We ordered the large, to share. It certainly had some awesome ingredients...bacon, mushrooms, egg, kalamata olives, mozzarella cheese blend, and some red onion, which we delicately removed. The house made dressing was excellent and paired very nicely with the fresh spinach. It was the highlight of the meal.

Then, came the big disappointment. We decided to go for a half and half. Half the Bazbeaux Special(basil, sundried tomato and garlic) and half eggplant and goat cheese. One thing we commend them on is their excellent array of fresh topping choices, but the yummy stops there.

Fred & Libby were both underwhelmed by the crust. It was the thin-crust, white flour variety. We noted before ordering that they offered both hand-tossed & thin crust with both white & wheat options. Upon ordering, we were not given an option to choose, therefore assumed that the "special" came on a particular crust. Too bad it was lifeless; like a cracker with less taste. It had no personality and did nothing for all of those fresh ingredients.

Fred has since wondered if this could possibly have been the original recipe that gave Bazbeaux its start. It seems more likely that through either under-training, neglect, or cost-cutting what was once a pizza crust has now degenerated to a cracker-esque flour concoction. This theory would be given greater weight if, in fact, the garlic bread HAS, in the past, been a true award winner. Libby concurs.

Furthering the disappointment, The Bazbeaux Special had a funk going on. Libby wasn't sure if it was the basil or the garlic, but something was off. On the other hand, the eggplant and goat cheese was an excellent combo, if only the crust could have stood up to it instead of detracting. Just a damn shame.

Fred found the sauce good, had some zest, a thin sauce, not too chunky and it paired well with the toppings. The bottom line, Bazbeaux is the epitome of a "toppings" pizza place. Excellent ingredients, top quality and an amazing array, but if you were to order a straight up pepperoni pizza, would they have a leg to stand on?

Wrap Up
Price-$-$$, Good price. An entree salad for $6.50, not bad at all.
Atmosphere-***, Fun, inviting atmosphere that makes you want to stay awhile.
Service-***, Standard waitstaff service, fast order time to table service. Was it an oversight that the crust options were not presented while ordering?
Fred - C, It's sad when the starter salad was the best portion of the meal at a well-known pizza joint.
Libby - C-, So disappointed with the pizza, but the salad was a pleasant surprise.
Ozzy -B, He ate the garlic bread without complaint and it was a kid friendly environment.

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Anonymous said...

Well you caretainly have zero credibility after reading this review. Bazbeauxs has different kinds of crust, and is widely regarded as the best pizza in Indy. Sorry you were so focused on salads and hoagies. Maybe you should have tried some other varieties of pizza and tamp down your fixation with award-granting periodicals?

Anonymous said...

"certainly" not caretainly. Now I have no credibility!

Fred, Libby and Ozzy Milch. said...

Hello, Mr./Ms. Anonymous.
Thanks for reading! Sorry this has been so upseting for you, but that was our experience, like it or not. As a family in these difficult economic times, we hope to offer a perspective of what one can expect at a first time experience. We aren't paid to do this. Meals aren't comped. It's just a fun hobby to share with other food lovers out there. So, for a first visit, we can't order one of everything.
There are too many good first time pizza experiences to keep trying others over and over until they satisfy. Bazbeaux had it's good points and yes, many people like it, but that was not our experience.

NewFromPDX said...

I'm new to Indy and went the Mass ave location near my place. It was great. I really loved the crisp thin crust.

When my parents came for their first visit I took them as well, they also liked it alot. In fact, my father mentioned it the other day and asked if we could go again on their next visit.

I guess that shows that everyone has different taste. Just because someone doesn't enjoy something, doesn't necessarily mean it's bad.. may just mean it's not for them.

pizzablogger said...

I think your review is spot on. I went to the Carmel location and the crust was simply not good, at all. As I mentioned in my review, I would not be surprised if it was pre-made dough delivered to the pizzeria. There may have been a time when Bazbeaux pizza was quite good, and I agree with you with regards to the quality toppings and good sauce, but overall the pizza is nothing extraordinary. Again, the crust was indeed lame and detracted from the pizza. Spot on review and well said! Take care -- PB

Anonymous said...

Not the best in Indy. Possibly the worst as far as we are concerned. Wife was very disapointed

Anonymous said...

you have no clue

Anonymous said...

Wow, Great Pizza! I like to eat pizza as well as getting Dominos Coupons.

Anonymous said...

We were very disappointed on our second visit. Our pizza was left in the oven too long and service was bad.

Adam said...

same problem, waitress did not offer different crust options. I have lived and ate here most of my life and I honestly think they have changed something along the way. I remember the pizza being better...

Anonymous said...

I have been to both the Broad Ripple location (many times) and the Mass Ave. location a few times. Sometimes expanding allows a loss of quality, but I have never been disappointed with a Bazbeaux pizza. I liked the "ambiance" of the original Broad Ripple location with the garage door at the end of the larger room. Maybe you should ask for what you want crust-wise and then you will get it. Sorry for the bad experience you had. But, for all you "haters", no problem, just more room for those of us who do love it.

Anonymous said...

Bazbeauxs is my favorite pizza. I would love to learn how to make the crust. I have heard someone say Jockomos is better. I like Jockomos, but it is not better in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

I dont't think Bazbeauxs is as incredible as it once was in the garage in Broad Ripple but it is still best in class and a fun beer & pizza kind of place.

Steve said...

totally agree with the review... best pizza in indy? please. we visited the mass ave. location and were not impressed.