Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Ted's Montana Grill

For the Oz-man's 4th birthday, we decided to visit a place he has enjoyed a few times...Ted's Montana Grill. What makes Ted's so awesome? Why, the best buffalo burgers ever, that's what! It is a tall order to even find buffalo burgers on menus around the city. FLO makes a point to always sample the bison whenever we find it -- for better or worse. But there is never a question in our minds when we walk into Ted's.

Naturally, Ozzy isn't there for the meat. He was all about the mac 'n cheese and fries. And yes, he did finish a full bowl of the velveeta-ey goodness. He was actually silent and focused while consuming.

Libby decided to go for George's Cadillac...a succulent bison burger with barbecue, cheddar cheese, and bacon. Oh yes, so rich and delicious! Just look into those eyes! It is so easy to overcook bison due to the lower fat content and with the Cadillac, you would never know it. And as all good fries are, they're double fried and perfectly seasoned.

Fred went with a lot more in the Kitchen Sink...grilled ham, mushrooms, Anaheim peppers(instead of onion), fried egg, bacon, and cheddar on the bison burger....wow, what a mouth full!

While enjoying our burgers, we began taking in the 1920's & 30's decor. At first we did not notice the small art-deco touches which oddly melded well with western-style paintings, horns & buffalo heads on the walls. Our booth was surprisingly private and while Ozzy was on his best behavior, any shenanigans would not have upset the other diners.

Although a small detail to note, it was a pleasant surprise to find our own personal pepper grinder on the table, rather than the standard shaker. Why these are not a common item throughout the restaurant landscape is beyond us. Such a simple, cheap way to enhance your diner's total experience!

Ted's should also receive kudos for it's environmental awareness. Napkins are all cloth, to-go cups are biodegradable... They even reintroduced paper straws back to the US. Impressive.

If we must find a weak point in Ted's armor, it would be the breadth of menu. If you want your bison in a form other than steak, burger, or meatloaf, you must go on it's specific day of the week.


Wrap Up
Price-$$-$$$, Ok, so a burger & drink is gonna run you $10. But we dare you to find a better one.
Atmosphere-***, Inspired. surprisingly comfortable and equally welcoming to the t-shirted or the suited.
Service-***, Very accommodating. Well paced and even brought the birthday boy an ice cream & cookie.
Fred - A, Sorry cow-pokes. I'm a buffalo man.
Libby - A, It is rare that I will travel 40 minutes for a burger.
Ozzy - A, No words, just a glazed-over shoveling with little care of the dripping cheese.

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