Sunday, September 14, 2008


So, instead of a month or two later, it was more like 5 months later, but Fireside is definitely doing all the right moves. From kitchen expansion plans to their 5th menu, it appears the owners have the backing to really make this place work. As we were watching Kitchen Nightmares last week, Chef Gordon Ramsey helped a Long Island train wreck get back in shape and he introduced the concept of the "gastropub." This is exactly how we would describe Fireside Brewhouse...the southside's only real gastropub...high-end eats with a relaxed yet classy dining/bar atmosphere.

And speaking of high-end eats, the head Chef, Tommy Thompson, is concocting some seriously tasty dishes! Even from the first week of opening, it was obvious a real chef was behind the menu and we are happy to say things have only gotten better.

For our return visit, it was a late Saturday lunch. After deciding on a draft Bell's Oberon, Libby was feeling like a sandwich and the Brood Witch was speaking her language...peppered turkey, cheese, cherry smoked bacon, over sourdough with hollandaise...oh, yeah! It was served with a caesar side salad(homemade croutons and shaved parmesan, anyone?) and was delicious. The hollandaise was very mild(we usually douse ours with lemon juice to tang it up) yet this culmination was smooth and very filling.

Fred started with the Bell's and followed with Avita Turbodog(a meal!). Then, Fred went with the "wet pig" or grilled tenderloin dipped in a chipotle/garlic sauce served on a kaiser bun. It was a solid(if somewhat uninspired) sandwich. It was served alongside the house fries, very tasty shoestrings, that dipped well in the leftover "wet pig" sauce!

Now, to Ozzy. We knew we were going out on a limb here, but we went with the kids cheese pizza. Crazy, we know. Ozzy doesn't do pizza. He's a breadstick kid. Sauce only goes on pasta, duh! Even though he had issues with the sauce, he gave it a go and ended up leaving most of it. So, Fred and Libby gave it a taste and wow(!), this is a damn good cheese pizza! The sauce had this wonderful sweet garlic essence, with loads of mozzarella and a great woodfire crust. It was so good in fact, Fred and Libby ended up finishing the majority of Ozzy's entree while leaving some of their own behind. Excellent pairing with a good brew.

And speaking of brews, they still have a monster beer menu. The organization is better, but we still think there should be more taps...16 is good, yes, but more is better!

It seems that Fireside has really made it a point to stand out as a hang out. Their lunch menu advertised their weekly karaoke, DJ's, live bands and sporting event activities and specials. They are certainly broadening their customer base with a family-friendly atmosphere that turns adult only after 10pm-good idea!

One suggestion...please get that website up and's been "under construction" since opening.

Wrap Up
Price-$$-$$$, Not cheap, but very worth the price tag
Atmosphere-***, More relaxed than before, yet kept the high-end feel
Service-***, excellent waitress, Thank you, Jessica!
Fred - B+, Next time need to try an "adult" style pizza.
Libby - A-,Better menu, better ambiance, great sandwich, excellent beer and pizza!
Ozzy - B-, No matter how hard we try, he's still not a pizza boy yet.*sigh*
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Anonymous said...

Fireside is one of our favorites! Give the Cream of Mushroom/Rice Soup a try - YUM. It's nice having someplace with a REAL chef that's affordable. In most chain restaurants the teenybopper nuking your dinner is paying more attention to his texting than prepping your food.