Thursday, September 4, 2008

Boogie Burger

On the rare occasion that Fred and Libby get a "date night," we knew exactly where we wanted to go...Boogie Burger! Fred had read about it in The Dish from Indianapolis Monthly and we were jonesin' for some juicy goodness.

After a little jaunt in the rain, we came across the hole in the wall Broadripple location. It seemed right, screen door, windows lined with bar stools and tables and the larger than life wall menu. Since we had done our research, we knew what we wanted to try before we got there.

Fred had feasted his eyes on the Disco Inferno. A third pound of Angus beef topped with Serrano peppers, pepper jack cheese, lettuce/tomato/mayo...cooked to perfection. A good char, not over done, and a nice heated finish. One bite provided enough heat for Libby, and she had other things to consider like...the Wild Wild West!

This burger was the same delicious Angus beef, a fried onion, cheddar cheese, hickory smoked bacon, lettuce/tomato/mayo and a nice sweet BBQ sauce. It was butta! Even, Fred, the onion-o-phob found the burger delicious. The garlic and parsley fries were the perfect match. Libby is especially fond of fresh chopped garlic, and this side had enough piled on to add some zing and spice to the not so exciting fries...honestly, they should have been double fried.

While sitting and watching the passers by run in the rain, it was the perfect, relaxing "burger joint" atmosphere. A customer came in just to get a smoothie, something we will have to sample next time! As it appears to be set up to ensnare the post-bar partiers on the prowl to satisfy that drunken craving, we actually did it in reverse---which also works very nicely. ;)

Wrap Up
Price-$$, worth the money for a burger done right!
Atmosphere-***, fun, inviting atmosphere that was small, intimate and had a great view.
Service-***, quick service, friendly, easy going.
Fred - B+, Thoroughly enjoyable grease-bomb. When can we expect a southside location to open?!
Libby - B+, A delicious, well-cooked product(Angus Beef). The toppings were a mouth pleasing combo and the fries, although needing a double fry, were very satisfying...gimme that gah-lic!
Ozzy - no comment, enjoying the night with Aunt Mary and Uncle Eric! (Thank you, guys!)

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