Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Little Mexico

We recently took a trip to Little Mexico for a review but held off on writing it as we had been invited by some friends to meet there for a second visit.  The moment you walk in, the amount of colorful, carved wood is overwhelming.  Beautiful and over the top.  It's hard to imagine how much work went into the walls, windows, booths, tables, chairs and bar of this restaurant.  Everything is a carved, colorful piece of work.  You'd never think you were in a strip mall.

We were immediately met with the usual chips & salsa.  In this case a very mild, but fresh salsa with good chunk to liquid ratio and a heavy dose of fresh cilantro.  We couldn't decide whether or not the chips were house-made but regardless they were a good salsa delivery device.  On our second visit, our friends asked for a spicier one and the kitchen sent out a habanero sauce that kicked their socks off.  Even a 50/50 mix with the regular salsa was a bit too much. 

Fred ordered burritos on both occasions.  First was the Chile Verde followed by the Chile Colorado.  Each was served alongside a salad with sour cream and guacamole which went untouched on both occasions.  Each burrito was stuffed with slow-roasted pork, rice, sauce and then smothered in queso blanco.  The pork was perfectly cooked and juicy but both the red and green sauces seemed a little tame.  The flavor was there, it was just begging to be kicked up a notch.

Libby's first night demanded the Pollo Mole Poblano.  A very good mole with well prepared chicken, corn tortilla's and the same salad with sour cream and guac went down too easily.  It seemed a crime to leave one drop of that mole on the plate.  Definitely a meal that will make you hate yourself in the morning.  The second night would only top this one with gourmand-ish proportions, the Special Dinner; which is too big to fit on one plate and encroaches on other people's space at the table.  Embarrassed by the insanity, she did quite enjoy it overall.  Although the tamale was dry, it was saved by the pleasing enchilada, chile relleno and chalupa.  Two margarita's could have skewed perceptions a bit, but hey, when pronouncing the name of the town on the back of the menu gets you one for 25 cents...well, turning down another libation sounds ridiculous, right?

 Little Mexico seems to have immediately become one of Ozzy's favorite restaurants.  The little man even liked the salsa?!?  Amazing.  But really, what's not to like for a carbivore?  Too many chips, followed by a cheese quesadilla with fries & rice??  Sounds like Oz-heaven to us. 

Stella was also right at home.  Not only are the walls decked out in incredibly loud colors and interesting authentic Mexican carvings, but the noise level and general commotion about the place kept her interest throughout.


 Wrap Up
Price-$-$$, Nothing out of the ordinary for Mexican... 
Atmosphere-****, Wow.  This place POPS and when you hear everything was custom made and shipped in from the owner's home town in Mexico, definitely a 4-star showing.
Service-**, It's a big plus in the food dept when the servers barely speak English, but both service and the kitchen were slow on both occasions. 

Fred - B-, Ida know.  I wouldn't mind going back, but I'm certainly not going to seek it out.  Everything was solid (especially the salsa) but nothing had the kick I was looking for.  Just too bland throughout the meal.
Libby -B+, The first night presented an excellent mole, the second night was hit or miss but also a very pleasant experience.  And now that I know I can pronounce the name, I'll definitely take another $.25 margarita!
Ozzy- A+, Kids everywhere, carbs to munch.  And he even tried (and liked!) salsa for the first time.
Estelle-A, At home and entertained.  What more can you ask for with a 10-month old?

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