Sunday, May 23, 2010

City Cafe

FLOE was off to the Children's Museum on Friday, but first we had to take the opportunity to eat a good lunch downtown...finally some City Cafe!  Just south of Michigan and Pennsylvania, City Cafe is a quaint galley-style eatery with local art adorning the walls, a huge city mural on the back wall, and a menu that boasts farm fresh ingredients from local growers.  It had been many years since FLOE had experienced lunch here, but if memory served, we were in for a real treat!

We arrived at a good time for lunch, just after 11, but dang it, we missed brunch again...keep hearing such good things about it!  We were happy to see booster seats and high chairs for the kids, but no kids menu here.  Ozzy still had options though, there was a very delicious looking grilled cheese on the menu, but a little too much good stuff for him, so we asked if we could get one toned problem, per our waiter he was getting the "no fun" grilled cheese.   It was a quick, easy choice for Fred as well.  After hearing the special, a grilled chipotle chicken taco, he went right for it.  Libby, on the other hand was struggling between the BBQ sandwich, the BLT wrap, and the fish tacos.  Final decision, BLT wrap with a cup of the special of the day soup, a very chunky creamy tomato! 

While we waited, we enjoyed our beverages; especially the house made raspberry lemonade.  It was so light and  refreshing!  Not the usual overly sweet or fake tasting stuff we have all become so accustomed too, but  very lemony with a hint of raspberry and very lightly-sweetened...really good stuff.

The entrees arrived in good time and looked as fresh as the menu boasted they would be!  Ozzy's grilled cheese looked sooo gooey and delish next to what appeared to be house made chips.  We later were told by our waiter that they were locally made by a venue in the City Market...yummy stuff.  Fred and Libby's both had some of the best looking greens we've seen in a restaurant in awhile, but that is only the beginning.

Fred's tacos consisted of pulled chicken with southwestern spices, cheese, avocado, tomatoes and some great looking lettuce.  On the side was a wonderful chipotle sauce that added just enough heat to make things interesting.  Everything melded well but it felt like it was missing a side.  Oh well, specials of the day are always works in progress and this dish was well on it's way. 

Libby's BLT wrap had the same wonderfully fresh veggies and some really nicely cooked, very tasty bacon.  It went so well with the cup of soup that had it's own depth of flavor thanks to good amounts of dill. This is the kind of food that not only tastes good, but makes you feel good!  Not only good for the bod, but supporting the green mentality is so important and still challenging to do on a consistent basis in these parts.  Bravo, City Cafe!

Now Ozzy's food, not necessarily "green", was still, very very good.  Sadly, the grilled cheese was still too "gooey" for him...crazy kid...but mommy and daddy like!  Fred already has decided next time he goes, that is what he is getting.  Oodles of  gooey sharp cheddar, provolone, and jack on a very nicely grilled sammi and those freshly made chips?  This time, ordered "fun" would come with a chipotle sauce to add some spice! Forgettaboutit!  Freaking awesome!  Sorry Oz-man, but you're missing out here. (coming soon, just a link to their Facebook page as of this writing)

Wrap Up
Price-$$, Not a cheap lunch, but not crazy either.  Especially when you consider they buy local whenever possible.
Atmosphere-**, Would be a three but every time we've come there's an awkwardness waiting to be seated.  There is nowhere to stand without feeling you're in the way.
Service-****, Informative, professional and well trained.  He made mention that he had not yet tasted the special and offered to go do so and report back.  Obviously tasting the special is a daily occurrence but we arrived at the very beginning of lunch.  Thumbs up!

Fred - A-, I've probably been to lunch here a dozen times over the years and I can't ever remember ordering anything off of the menu.  The special is ALWAYS so good.
Libby -A, Very pleased that the food stood up to the "farm fresh" hype.  I really wish I knew of more local eateries that offered such high quality local ingredients.  Any suggestions, readers?!?
Ozzy-C, While kids were welcome, there is no kids menu. 
Estelle-B, They have high-chairs available and she didn't feel out of place.

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