Saturday, May 30, 2009

Goose The Market

While not a restaurant per se, FLO had heard that this place is considered by many to be the best deli in town. Located in a yuppie oasis just north of downtown, Goose The Market serves a niche in high-end meat, cheese, bread, wine, gelato and sandwiches.
First step is to get through the door. So, don't feel too strange if you can't get the door open on your first try... Not only did both Fred and Libby have problems the first time, we noticed several other people having the same issue.
Once inside, talk about a foodies paradise! An amazing selection of Indiana grown meats, some unique seasonal Indiana produce, gourmet cheeses, perfectly crispy baguettes, and not to forget the wine and groceries downstairs. Your first question will be...what should I get?

For some odd reason, Ozzy was allowed to indulge in one of the gooiest brownies evar followed by a lovely vanilla gelato. Fred and Libby decided to go savory with one of their specialty sandwiches. Fred, the Batali, with spicy coppa, soppressata, capocolla, provolone, tomato preserves, hot giardinara, marinated red onion (hold please!), mayo, and romaine. Libby, the Porter, with peppered ham, gouda, and morels with spring onions (held, of course) on toasted baguette. And to top off Libby's experience of feeling like a grown-up again(missing wine at 6 months prego), they had Vignette non-alcoholic wine spritzers that were the perfect compliment to the inspired lunch. Fred chose the Chardonnay, Libby the Pinot Noir.
Two totally different and amazing sandwiches! After ordering, we noticed that the Batali has actually been written up in Bon Appetit magazine... and WOW. Now we know why! The meats are just SO tasty and the tomato preserves and giardinara meld perfectly with them. And where do they get those baguettes? Of course, they sell them. So I guess we can be happily ignorant.

The Porter had top quality ingredients and that toasty baguette was a simple-genius texture addition. Libby's only complaint would be a lack of some sort of melding sauce when comparing it with the pow that the Batali had...perhaps some aioli? They sell that downstairs by the way!

The most fun part of this market and the small sandwich menu is the creativity it inspires! Immediately after finishing our little bits of heaven, we were excitedly discussing what we wanted next time and how we would dress it! With the arrays of meats (duck salami, anyone?), cheeses, condiments, and the like, you can purchase your ingredients and watch them create your dream right in front of your eyes!
Another beautiful feature of this market other than a freezer case full of meat treasures(lamb tongue, venison, buffalo, ground veal, whole rabbit, oxtail...) is the real sense of pride and love you feel from the homegrown quality. Visit their website to get the whole story, but this couple brought Indy something it desperately needed and in a way that says, respectfully...this has been missing and we are doing it right.
Oh, and just to make them way too cool, they offer exciting features like "the bacon of the month club." The stars of this show are an array of Indiana cured, smoked, or spiced pork tasties! Or how about the "picnic basket" special that runs at $35 for a bottle of wine, baguette, sliced meat, cheese, olives, almonds, and a couple of oatmeal cookies to end it...sweeeet. FLO is so pleased to see a steady stream of customers that will hopefully guarantee a long standing Indy attraction!

Wrap Up
Price-$$-$$$, $6.95 for any sandwich. Not shabby, considering the quality of ingredients.
Atmosphere-*** Clean, well organized. Seating inside and out.
Service-****, Polite. Happy to serve and very knowledgeable.

Fred -A, Only thing holding it back from an A+ is that they're closed on Sundays!!
Libby -A+, Everything I was hoping for and more. We'll be back far too often.
Ozzy -B+, Excellent deserts. He's already asked to return.

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Anonymous said...

OOh, I'm so glad to see you guys tried this place. I've been wanting to, but the closed on Sunday thing keeps getting me. I'll have to make a trip!